Footprint Security

Scaring off intruders is essential. Usually, criminals will target your home when everybody is inside.

Lower your insurance premium

The cost of insurance depends on the coverage, insurance company, type of house and many factors.

substantial discounts

Most insurance companies provide substantial discounts to those who install the home security system.

Lower energy consumption

You can use it to monitor your energy usage. You can control the thermostat, lighting and small devices through remote access.

Our Process


In the current technologically advanced era, a quality security system will provide you with the protection you need and peace of mind.

Remote Monitoring

It allows you to install the systems without drilling or to do remote monitoring without depending on telephone lines.


When it comes to access control, you can install different hi-tech solutions and expand the home automation system so that you can remotely control all major systems in your home or workplace.


Lifeline connections between the home and the central monitoring stations are wireless which makes them crucial in a classic security system

Camera technology

You can set security cameras to record illegal intrusions or monitor motion in your place.

Why Choose Us

Using wireless communication and mobile app development, you get many options to see what is happening and control it in your place


Crime prevention


Home automation technology


Real-time monitoring


Boosts productivity

Alarm systems

The demand for alarm systems is increasing, and more options are available for use in workplaces.

Burglar alarms

They monitor the perimeter of the workplace and the movement inside to detect the presence of a burglar.

Carbon monoxide alarms

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas which is very poisonous. This alarm system has carbon monoxide detectors which you install on each floor of your workplace.

Smoke and fire alarms They have smoke detectors which you can install in large building centers. You can use heat detectors to supplement smoke detection with alarm systems


Heat detectors can sense a sudden rise in temperature which may indicate the presence of fire. Therefore, they enhance safety in your workplace.


You can use the temperature sensor to warn the staff if it is too cold inside the workplace.


Frequently Asked Questions


Temperature and water sensors

It also protects the pipes from freezing in the cold season.


How to smoke alarm work?

Smoke alarms and water sensors can warn you and your staff about emergencies like fire and impending flood which may result from cracked water pipes


Monthly monitoring fees supplement?

You usually buy them with a subscription to a centralized monitoring service. Monthly monitoring fees supplement the cost of installing them.


Control from anywhere?

It secures your entire workplace, and you can control from whichever place you are. With the advances in technology, you can even use controls through a cellular phone.

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5 Ways Big Companies Protect Their Data

5 Ways Big Companies Protect Their Data

In this age, where data is considered as the new oil, companies that extensively rely on consumer data and information are at the forefront of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks target sensitive information, usually related to credit cards of the users of the respective company, and therefore, end up costing in millions to not just the victim of cyber attacks but to the company’s reputation as well. However, giants in every industry have a cybersecurity setup that ensures that their customer privacy and data are the top most priority in every circumstance. Here are 5 ways that big companies ensure their data is protected


Using the right encryption methods ensure the utmost security for the data being stored. Encryption methods convert data into gibberage in storage form that can only be interpreted using special keys or mechanisms. Any big security company sydney would use state-of-the-art mathematically proven encryption methods that allows them to keep their data safe from hackers and cyberattacks.

Cloud Storage

Storing data locally can pose a multitude of threats, especially that of ransomware, where the hackers demand huge sums of money to decrypt your data that they encrypt through malicious means. To date, it has cost millions of dollars to many small and big companies, who have lost sensitive and crucial data of their companies to ransomware. Therefore, cloud storage offers a backup as well as a safe storage space that most often big companies use to maintain and store their data.

Infrastructure and Security Units

No threat is a small threat. Sometimes underestimating a recurring access to the system can lead to catastrophic results. Having a sound infrastructure and cybersecurity unit in place is a priority for big companies. Investing in cybersecurity of each firm has become a more prominent and necessary part of every organization. Prevention is better than cure, and in the case of cyberattacks, a lot cheaper monetarily and reputation wise.


Educating your employees is one of the most crucial aspects of cybersecurity that is adopted by big companies. When your employees are aware of the protocol to follow in cases of breaches or potential leakages, it is easier to seed out the issue and resolve or at the very least prevent further harm to the company in case of a cyberattack. Therefore, raising awareness regarding data protection among employees is one of the most effective and crucial methods.

Staying Up to Date

As technology evolves and becomes stronger and more resilient, so do viruses and hackers in their expertise. Big companies invest a great deal in staying up to date in their software usage, security protocols and latest happenings in the cybersecurity domain to understand an employ latest measures of prevention to minimize risk of cyberattacks at all costs.





5 Signs That Indicate Your Business Needs a Security Guard

5 Signs That Indicate Your Business Needs a Security Guard

Crimes do not come with a precaution. Your business could be imminent of a potential crisis situation and you would be carrying on with the numbers and calculations like any other normal day. With the increasing crime rate, you are bound to get targeted with such an illegal situation but with problems, there are solutions.

To prevent something like this from negating your business and profits, you could take precautionary steps that will help secure your workplace. These steps do not even have to be expensive, but safety comes first, it is better to invest in something that will protect you rather than facing a big loss. Here are some signs that indicate why you should start exploring for security companies brisbane right away:

Elevating crime rate

The most alarming sign for you has to be the presence of your business place in an area that has an increased crime rate. But, do not be manipulated by low-populated areas as break-ins are easier to commence in such areas too. In cases like these, it is only smart to be precautious and look for security guard services rather than waiting for the need to pronounce itself.

Unsafe parking lot

Parking lots being crowded and wide-spaced can be at a greater risk of withholding crime around your business place. With visitors and employees coming around your work area, they feel comparatively unsafe without security guard services ensuring their safety. The reason is that these parking lots can be unlit and empty which makes them a target.

Safety concerns

If you have safety concerns, there might be a 50% chance that your instinct may be right and rather than going for the 50% chance that everything is fine, you should opt against it and hire a security guard. In any workplace, there is a risk of at least facing theft and robbery which could lead to mistrust and fear in the area’ something that you do not want in a working environment. To protect your employees and disregard your safety concerns, it is better to look for security guard services.

Emergent situations

Security guards are trained to tackle various emergency situations and with their disciplined mind, they can handle the crisis far more calmly than an individual already at risk. To have someone in emergent situations such as medical or criminal emergencies, you can have backup security guard services until the experienced individual comes.

Alcohol serving business

If there exists an alcohol-serving stand near your business place or inside even, then you need to hire a security guard instantly. This is to prevent any potential drunken mishap or encounter from happening and running a perfectly balanced business day for you.

Is The Home Security System Worth The Cost?

Have you been thinking of getting a home security system? Have you been thinking that it is too expensive to install and maintain? It is time to weigh its value.

You need to consider many factors before buying it including the average cost, installation and maintenance cost. However, you will see that the home security system is worth its value from the reasons below.

Protects valuables

It is the main reason why you will think of it. It has an alarm that scares away many burglars and thieves and can notify the authorities if someone attempts a break in. Thus, your home is kept safe from loss of high-value items due to a home invasion.

Deters crime

It reduces the number of crimes that occur in your area such as robberies even to people who lack the security system. It will help your neighbourhood to be a safer place for everyone besides protecting you.

Remote surveillance

It allows you to watch your home at any hour of the day from any location. You can view a live feed from wireless security cameras using your smartphone. You can also get notifications when people leave and enter your house which helps you to keep an eye on your family.

You can also control the door locks, thermostat, lights and other devices in your house.

Lowers insurance premiums

Insurance companies usually consider the amount of protection you give to your home. The home security system will make them willing to reduce insurance rates up to 20 percent. They know that your home is secure from many crimes. The low insurance rates and other benefits make the security system a good deal.

Fire protection

Once you equip your home security system with smoke detectors, you will get a warning when you are at risk of a fire. It can also show faulty electrical devices with the potential of causing an electrical fire. Thus, these systems can help save your property, your family and your life.

Provides peace of mind

It gives the sense of security and peace of mind you need which will help you to be more productive, healthy and focus on essential matters. You will not worry about your family’s security when you are travelling as it enables you to monitor your family.

Add value to your home

It is becoming more of a commodity as people purchasing your home will look for it. Installing a quality home security system will boost your resale value. It is usually good to add something to the total worth of your property whether you are selling it or not.

We can conclude that home security system is worth its cost from the above benefits.

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