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Businessman uses Surveillance to Save Daughter

Posted by in Security Articles on Jan 19, 2017 .0 Comments
 Businessman uses Surveillance to Save Daughter

Businessman uses Surveillance to Save Daughter

 A few years ago a UK executive decided to install security cameras before leaving for a European business trip. He knew his teenage daughter would be alone for nearly three weeks and decided to take precautions.

During one night in Italy he awoke with an uneasy feeling. He powered up his computer and logged into his house cameras. Shocked, he saw three men prowling around his home looking for a way in. He knew his daughter would be asleep at three in the morning and became alarmed.

As he watched, a fourth man appeared in view carrying a garden spade and proceeded to break a downstairs window. Immediately the concerned father called his town’s local police and frantically asked them to drive to his home.

As he continued to watch he saw all four men enter the window of his isolated property. He thought about ringing the home phone but decided it might be safer to leave his daughter asleep. He reasoned the men would take time to look around downstairs first, probably believing the property to be vacant.

Ten long minutes later two police cars pulled into the driveway, blocking the thieves’ getaway car. Surrounding the house the police quickly took the would-be robbers into custody and took them away.

Thankful, he rang his daughter, alerted her to the break-in, and told her the police would take her to an aunt’s house the other side of town for the rest of his trip.

He had been checking the cameras periodically and will never know why he awakened with a feeling of dread prompting him to check the house that night.

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