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How effective is CCTV in Solving Crimes?

Posted by in Security Articles on Jan 27, 2017 .0 Comments
How effective is CCTV in Solving Crimes?


How effective is CCTV in Solving Crimes?

 I found an interesting article about the use of surveillance cameras to solve crimes. On average, Scotland Yard solves 65 murder cases out of 90 each year, purely by identifying the perpetrators on film or by tracking them from location to location.

It’s well known that the United Kingdom has a high percentage of public CCTV cameras, and Australia is fast catching up. Although some complain about loss of privacy with the use of public cameras, their efficiency in catching criminals cannot be denied.

I’m sure that if you lost a loved one to murder or a close friend became brain damaged by a one hit King Punch, you would want the person responsible caught and punished.

If a person or persons invaded your home and hurt a family member or stole your valuables, you would want them caught as soon as possible. Like all new technology, the use of security cameras at home, business or in the public arena are here to stay and rightly so.

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