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Well-known Crimes Solved By Security Cameras

Posted by in Security Articles on Feb 20, 2017 .0 Comments
Well-known Crimes Solved By Security Cameras

Well-known Crimes Solved By Security Cameras

 Most people believe that CCTV is a modern day invention. Perhaps at a guess most would say the seventies, but they would be wrong. The first time a security camera system used was in 1942, invented by a German named Walter Bruch. The system was used to observe the launch of V-2 rockets during the Second World War.

Commercially, the USA used a closed circuit system as early as 1949, invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown and named Vericon. Of course today, CCTV security systems are much more advanced, and the latest technologies give clearer pictures.

Many of you will remember the tragic murder of two-year old James Bulger, taken from an English shopping centre in 1993. Although the recorded footage obtained by the police was very low resolution at that time, a woman recognised one of the boys from a blown up image in the local newspaper. Further investigation revealed the boy and his friend had played truant from school that day. Later, they were both charged with murder, and convicted.

More recently in Melbourne Australia, police used CCTV security footage to solve the murder of the beautiful young victim, Jill Meagher. They obtained both footage showing her murderer following her, and other footage that revealed her murderer’s car number plate. The detectives also used the victim and murderer’s cell phones to pinpoint their movements and help solve the crime. Adrian Bayley, a serial rapist who was out on bail, was soon identified and convicted.

In April 1999 again in the UK, the infamous London Nail Bomber terrorised residents with a series of nail bomb attacks. He struck large groups of people three times, resulting in three deaths and 139 people injured, some losing limbs. David Copeland was identified by surveillance camera footage after the first bombing, but unfortunately managed two more attacks before being caught.

In America the two perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings were identified after detectives reviewed hundreds of hours of camera footage. Because of the huge crowds, they had to identify and track the two brothers, using footage from many cameras. These involved public, commercial and private home CCTV systems. The wounded count was over two hundred, with three dead. Who knows what the two men would have done in the future without the CCTV footage to identify them and help the investigation?

The police rely heavily on both shop camera systems and footage from private homes, combined with the many public cameras local councils install and monitor.

Surveillance has come a long way since 1942. Today, the high definition footage available solves many crimes, and in some cases, monitored cameras can even prevent or interrupt offences


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