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Uses for Ѕecurity Сameras and ССТV

Posted by in Security Articles on Mar 10, 2017 .0 Comments
Uses for Ѕecurity Сameras and ССТV

Uses for Ѕecurity Сameras and ССТV

Security cameras used to be the domain of large businesses, government or local councils.

These days, they have become much more accessible, because of technology innovations and lower cost of ownership. With the increases in crime, a good CCTV system is a good investment, and can both act as a deterrent and provide evidence after the fact.

Applications for Security Cameras are very varied, from the town-wide systems of local councils, large systems used by commerce and industry to smaller systems for the local shops and homes.

The reason for installing CCTV can vary depending on the requirements.

For community use, it can monitor for violent incidents, allowing the control centre to send help, traffic flows can be monitored on motorways, remote sites such as waste disposal sites can be monitored for illegal tipping etc.

Large companies can use CCTV for several different applications –

  1. Monitoring employee work habits
  2. Sensing unauthorized activity, either during or outside work hours
  3. Keeping check of vehicles arriving and departing
  4. Checking for unsafe practices, which may not be noticed otherwise
  5. Guarding the premises against damage, fire, break-ins etc.

Small to medium organisations can keep check on customers as they browse, save evidence of any incidents for use in legal action, protect premises at night or after normal hours – they can be connected to email or external alarm systems.

For home use, CCTV can provide peace of mind when you are not home, keeping watch for attempted break-ins, allowing you to monitor pets or children when not home, and again provide evidence if needed for legal action.

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