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Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Home Security

Posted by in Security Articles on May 9, 2017 .0 Comments
 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Home Security

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Home Security

 Next April the Gold Coast, Australia has the honour of hosting the Commonwealth Games. This means a huge influx of visitors to the Gold Coast, and all the problems that can entail. Homes will be left empty as many families visit a great number of venues, leaving their houses open to intruders and thieves. Businesses will probably have to deal with opportunist thieves, drunken and drugged patrons in larger quantities than usual.

It’s time now to consider updating or installing security cameras, both as a deterrent and as proof of theft in order to recover property or catch the culprits. You may think it will be too expensive to install CCTV cameras, but we can help you save.

Footprint Security imports the latest technology AHD cameras and DVRs directly from the Manufacturers, most with Sony sensors. Not only will you save on the cost of the equipment, but also receive expert advice on the best type of cameras to use, and where to position them.

Do-it-yourselfers can also buy the cable and fittings to install your own system, with full instructions. This usually means running a combined coaxial/power cable from each camera back to the Digital Video Recorder. These systems can be viewed online through your normal internet connections, when set up correctly. We can offer advice to help with the setup, or if you know an IT expert, they can do this for you. If necessary, we can put you in touch with a company who can configure this for you remotely.

If you feel less confident, you can often use a local electrician to install the system for you, which generally costs less than a CCTV Installation company.

Take steps to protect your home and business now by giving Hugh a call for advice. He can even use Google Earth to see your property in most cases, draw in the suggested positioning for each camera, and also advise the best camera type for the particular application.

 If you have an Australian company and would like free friendly advice to cover your premises please give Hugh a call on 1300 852 400 or visit for more articles to protect your home, family and business.

Footprint Security imports CCTV Security Systems and Cameras directly from overseas manufacturers, and sells online. They are based on the Gold Coast, but retail Australia wide, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin. They have also supplied customers in PNG, Fiji and Samona.