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Advantages of CCTV in crime prevention

Posted by in Security Articles on Jun 6, 2017 .0 Comments
Advantages of CCTV in crime prevention

Advantages of CCTV in crime prevention

The crime rate around the world is increasing daily – with poor economic conditions, radicalisation and more technology, the job of law enforcement agencies has become more demanding and complicated.

However, with the emergence of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) they have a new tool to help with the task. Potential criminals are conscious of being spotted by a CCTV device, and in some cases, crimes can be stopped on the spot. Many councils have CCTV systems which are constantly monitored, so danger is observed, the operator can contact the appropriate authorities immediately.

CCTV is a self-contained surveillance system which is used for monitoring activities outside or in workplaces such as offices, hospitals, prisons, shopping malls etc., and increasingly in private homes. A CCTV system comprises special cameras which are connected to monitors and storage devices such as Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders or PC Based systems.

The successful operation of CCTV relies on the correct placement of cameras, regular monitoring of recordings and the retaining of those recordings for whatever time is deemed reasonable for the location.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly relying on CCTV systems for help in solving/preventing crime. These systems can be public ones run by the local councils, commercial cameras which are being used by companies to protect their own premises, but which also cover parts of the areas around the business, and increasingly private systems installed by householders to protect their own home, but which can also capture illegal activities in the vicinity. Some examples of their use are:

  • Location Management: Generally, CCTV can be used to monitor a particular area and reduced the crime rate in such areas. Law enforcement agencies use CCTV to monitor traffic flow, demonstrations and search for missing children. They enhance their ability to manage crime in a specific location.
  • Public Safety: CCTV operators monitor banks of screens covering particular locations, and are able to quickly react to an emerging threat. They can advise the law enforcement agencies immediately for rescue efforts. CCTV operators always work in synergy with the law enforcement agencies helping to bring about safety.
  • Reduce fear of crime: People feel safer when they are aware that the area they are in is being monitored by a 24 hours surveillance system. By extension, this will reduce the crime in these areas because criminals are also aware that they are under surveillance. This helps to bring about a safer society.
  • Aid police investigation: CCTV camera records help to make police investigations easier. They are able to review footage from CCTV cameras in the area they are observing, helping to identify all the people who were in the scene at the time. This can help to narrow down the list of suspects. Also, witnesses can be identified from CCTV camera, who may be able to give valuable information.
  • Gathering of evidence : CCTV can be very useful in gathering intelligent information and monitoring people with known criminal records. If known criminals are in the area, they can monitor their movements at specific times.
  • Record maintenance : CCTV systems maintain records for various times, suitable for the purpose and location. This can provide valuable information in the future.
  • Flexibility: Modern CCTV systems are very flexible. They can be tailored to a specific need, and now are much more affordable, as well as more powerful compared with systems even just a couple of years ago. Even fairly basic systems have quite advanced features, such as being able to monitor remotely through your PC or smart phone.

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