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Suggestions to help you Protect Your Business and EmployeesHere are some great tips to protect your business, employees and yourself, especially for small businesses and shops.
Simple suggestions to help to protect your home and familyBelow are some practical guidelines to help you protect your family, home and business. They are only suggestions, but by following these suggested ideas you will be safer. You need to know how to protect yourself and your family from intruders and home invasions.

Making the Old New: What is AHD?

Posted by in Security Articles on Aug 29, 2016. 0 Comments
Making the Old New: What is AHD?Times have changed.Hollywood and TV have perpetuated conflicting myths about CCTV operation. Sometimes surveillance footage in films looks better than real life, while other directors think all footage is grainy, robotic, and failed to develop past the 20th century. The truth is that the industry has made affordable, high-speed advancements in recent years. The modern CCTV systems are not the same as your d
Is that CCTV Footage Admissible in Court? Pt 2In Part One we brought a nightmare scenario to your attention. CCTV footage became inadmissible in court because the DVR was not properly maintained.In this scenario, Security Expert Gary Palmer explained which precautions homeowners should take:Communicate with your lawyer the history, purpose, and unique technical features of your CCTV. Suggest hiring an expert for the trial if it is wit
Debating the Ethics and Lawful Use of CCTVGeorge Orwell understood the balance between freedom and conformity was precarious. Media throws the descriptor 1984 around loosely, yet few understand true oppression. Critics propose that CCTV violates our civil liberties, but in fact does CCTV ask us to sacrifice freedom for security? Australians must be vigilant where they draw the line.
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