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Advantages of CCTV in crime preventionThe crime rate around the world is increasing daily – with poor economic conditions, radicalisation and more technology, the job of law enforcement agencies has become more demanding and complicated.
Gold Coast Commonwealth Games – Home SecurityNext April the Gold Coast, Australia has the honour of hosting the Commonwealth Games. This means a huge influx of visitors to the Gold Coast, and all the problems that can entail. Homes will be left empty as many families visit a great number of venues, leaving their houses open to intruders and thieves. Businesses will probably have to deal with opportunist thieves, drunken and drugged patrons i
Uses for Ѕecurity Сameras and ССТVSecurity cameras used to be the domain of large businesses, government or local councils.These days, they have become much more accessible, because of technology innovations and lower cost of ownership. With the increases in crime, a good CCTV system is a good investment, and can both act as a deterrent and provide evidence after the fact.
Well-known Crimes Solved By Security CamerasMost people believe that CCTV is a modern day invention. Perhaps at a guess most would say the seventies, but they would be wrong. The first time a security camera system used was in 1942, invented by a German named Walter Bruch. The system was used to observe the launch of V-2 rockets during the Second World War.

Security Cameras Helping the Police

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Security Cameras Helping the PoliceOne state in America has come up with a system to catch criminals with the help of local businesses. I thought it was such a great idea and would like Australian Police to consider a similar system.
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