In this age, where data is considered as the new oil, companies that extensively rely on consumer data and information are at the forefront of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks target sensitive information, usually related to credit cards of the users of the respective company, and therefore, end up costing in millions to not just the victim of cyber attacks but to the company’s reputation as well. However, giants in every industry have a cybersecurity setup that ensures that their customer privacy and data are the top most priority in every circumstance. Here are 5 ways that big companies ensure their data is protected


Using the right encryption methods ensure the utmost security for the data being stored. Encryption methods convert data into gibberage in storage form that can only be interpreted using special keys or mechanisms. Any big security company sydney would use state-of-the-art mathematically proven encryption methods that allows them to keep their data safe from hackers and cyberattacks.

Cloud Storage

Storing data locally can pose a multitude of threats, especially that of ransomware, where the hackers demand huge sums of money to decrypt your data that they encrypt through malicious means. To date, it has cost millions of dollars to many small and big companies, who have lost sensitive and crucial data of their companies to ransomware. Therefore, cloud storage offers a backup as well as a safe storage space that most often big companies use to maintain and store their data.

Infrastructure and Security Units

No threat is a small threat. Sometimes underestimating a recurring access to the system can lead to catastrophic results. Having a sound infrastructure and cybersecurity unit in place is a priority for big companies. Investing in cybersecurity of each firm has become a more prominent and necessary part of every organization. Prevention is better than cure, and in the case of cyberattacks, a lot cheaper monetarily and reputation wise.


Educating your employees is one of the most crucial aspects of cybersecurity that is adopted by big companies. When your employees are aware of the protocol to follow in cases of breaches or potential leakages, it is easier to seed out the issue and resolve or at the very least prevent further harm to the company in case of a cyberattack. Therefore, raising awareness regarding data protection among employees is one of the most effective and crucial methods.

Staying Up to Date

As technology evolves and becomes stronger and more resilient, so do viruses and hackers in their expertise. Big companies invest a great deal in staying up to date in their software usage, security protocols and latest happenings in the cybersecurity domain to understand an employ latest measures of prevention to minimize risk of cyberattacks at all costs.